Rajnish Kumar

Auditor <br> Associated with Applus+ India

An Environment, Health & Safety professional, having 12+ Years of experience in implementing & driving EHS operations in different sectors, e.g. Thermal Power Plant, Commercial Buildings Operations (high rise buildings), Construction, Mining, Oil Terminals, Underground Transportation (Delhi Metro Rail Tunnel) Construction Projects ,Energy Operations, Linear Transportation Projects (DFCC, Highway), Overhead Electrification Projects, Chemical Industries, Cement, Aviation Industry, Food & Beverage etc.
Having vast experience in EHS operations, fire & life safety management for warehouse/high rise building/hospitals/corporates, Environmental Impact Assessment Co-Coordinator, Construction Environmental Health & Safety Management Plan, ISO Certification, ISO training, EHS Training, Energy management, energy efficiency projects etc.
Has conducted 3000+ Men hour Training across India and Abroad on Environment Management Systems, Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems, First Aid, Ergonomics, Work-Place Health & Safety, Defensive Driving, ISO Implementation, Silicosis, Fire & Life Safety, Industrial EHS Management, Warehouse EHS Management, Construction EHS Management, Working at height, Scaffold Erection, Wellness at workplace, LOTO, Confined Space, Work Permit Management System, Indoor Environment, Hygiene & Sanitation, Emergency Response & Preparedness Plan , Corporate EHS Management rtc.
Has Conducted 800+ audits (India & Abroad) for ISO (14001, 45001, 50001), Electrical Safety, Fire Life Safety, General Safety, Workplace Health & Safety, Safety at Linear construction projects (railway, highway, Rapid transport etc),