For 4 years, Faisal has executed and implemented, green business development, community empowerment and development, sustainable waste management training and awareness programmes in companies, communities and schools. These programmes include waste audits, cleanups, report writing, and waste to wealth workshops such as eco-bricks, composting, and events waste management. With a total experience of 10 years in management, business development, and technical consultancy. The vast experience in the various industry, looking in optimization and sustainability development.

Workshop Presenter

FRIDAY 11th Sept

Circular Economy: Rethinking Waste Management in Operation

In a post-Corvid-19 with the closure of borders, unsure capabilities of suppliers, raw material supply,
production, and even manpower have become uncertain, creating a disruption in the capabilities in
many industries to maintain operation. However, the solution in overcoming this uncertainty time
are for manufactures, producer, SME, and many industries is to re-think a Circular Economy
approach in their operation to maximize the usage of Raw Material and capturing back production to
be reuse infinitely within their operation.
The look at waste as a valuable resource within the Operation will help each sector to rethink what is
a waste. Help to move the industry to rethink and redesigning its product or services with more
sustainable resources and, innovate the industry to be a new leader in the market that is more
towards the circular economy

Workshop description
The Workshop will explore the problematic view we have about waste, the wastage in mass
production has cause and how Circular economy can solve it