Matthias Gelber

Director of Sustainability <br> GSX Exchange

Matthias Gelber comes from Burbach-Lippe, a small German village surrounded by the forest. He developed a strong connection with nature from a young age, and has been a passionate advocate of green living ever since. In 2008, he was voted ‘Greenest Person on the Planet’ in an online competition by 3rdWhale in Canada. Matthias lived in Malaysia without a car and a monthly USD$10 electricity bill and is now mainly based in the Philippines. He also started Eco Warriors Malaysia, a community movement focused on taking positive action to combat climate change. He has been trainer and judge in the last few years at Miss Earth Philippines, Malaysia and Global.

Conference Speaker

FRIDAY 11th Sept

Go Climate Neutral Now - or how to adopt to Covid19 scenario

Going climate neutral now - or Sustainability for Construction