Loo Ping Look

Chief Executive Director <br> HVVA AGROTECH

Philip Loo is a Computer Science graduate from the Swinburne University of Technology. He has over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship.

He co-founded everyday.com.my. He exited to Livingsocial Ltd in 2013. Everyday.com.my started as 5 person company and grew to more than 200 people team in 3 years with close to 4million revenue a month.

He founded Loo Urban Farm in 2015; which he designed and built the first-ever vertical aquaponic urban farm in Georgetown.  He masterminds the innovation and research in finding a breakthrough for effective and efficient farming techniques. Co-founded HAVVA Agrotech in 2018 with a clear vision; Enabling everyone to enjoy fresh, healthy and nontoxic food at a reasonable price sustainably.

Philip Loo is very passionate about solving food safety and food security issues via HAVVA technology. He believes sustainable farming should be practised without toxic residual and pollution to foster a liveable world.