Haritha Thilakarathne

Graduate Researcher <br>LA TROBE UNIVERSITY

Haritha Thilakarathne is a MVP in Artificial Intelligence based in Melbourne. He has hands on experience with Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Azure AI stack and developing intelligent applications. Haritha is a research scholar at La Trobe University currently reading for his PhD on Deep Learning with the collaboration of Australian Institute of Sport.

Conference Speaker

FRIDAY 11th Sept

AI as a tool - not as in Sci-Fis

The crossover between Man &amp; Machine
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become widely used buzzwords in the
industry right now. Though everyone is excited on latest innovations of AI, still the industry
is figuring out ways to use AI base super powers for the goodness of society.
This session gives a glimpse about the evolution of AI, the current applications and the
practical aspects of artificial intelligence based interventions. Since ethics in AI
applications has been discussed widely, we hope to build a constructive discussion on that
matter during the session on that aspect.
If you interested in learning on practical aspects of AI and its usage for achieving more in
your business, this session is for you.