Technology Director <br> ShazInnovation Solution

Dr Shazi is currently the Technology Director for ShazInnovation Solutions, focusing on Social Capital Analysis. He oversaw several Graduate Employability programs, channeling graduates into high value-added industries including Aerospace, Telecommunications, IT and Consulting. While working in Australia, he was also a member of the Australia-Malaysia Business Council and the Chairman of the Malaysia Scientific Diaspora from 2013-2014. With this combined Technology and Social Science background, his expertise is acknowledged by higher learning institutions and he is currently on the Industry Advisory Panel of 10 local universities.
He was a member of UTP’s Innovation Committee as well as the Tronoh Theatre Shop UTP founder and advisor.

Conference Speaker

THURSDAY 10th Sept

Regenerating the Regeneration Mindset: Use of Social Capital

Adapting a new set of behavior and mindset is always a challenge. In a world where value is
often measured not the quality of life but rather money one has, this skews the activity value
chain. Not repairing or even destroying the environment when the penalty is small compared to
the financial gains is seen as ‘good, sound business decisions’. In order to turn this around, we
need to leverage on advanced socio-psychometrics. The use of Social Capital and associated
Data Analytics enables us to measure which of these levers matter to groups of people. I will
share how this is done, and some examples both from media and my own work to show the
end result.