Dr Manjit Kaur Ludher

Consultant <br> Engender Consultancy

Manjit is an experienced consultant building capacity and empowering people of diverse cultural backgrounds at universities, colleges and workplaces for over 35 years. Currently, she is associated with Engender Consultancy working on advocacy for gender equality, including combatting trafficking in women and children. An ex-academic who worked at the National University of Malaysia (UKM), her particular interests are in discourse, strategic and intercultural communication across organisational, gender and ethnicity domains.
She used to run her consultancy Manna Mahn where she planned and delivered short courses for the workplace that included communication skills, media writing, scientific/technical writing, English language skills, and intercultural understanding. Possessing strong analytical and writing skills, Manjit is also qualified in assessing individual/ group performance and in evaluating programs.
In Australia, she developed adult international students’ capacity in the English language in colleges and university as well as prepared compliance documentation for English language courses.
She has conceptualized community development work from input to policy to working at grass-roots for women, youth and overall reform of society. She coordinated Health and Business Empowerment workshops and submitted action plans to political leaders, liaising with Government representatives at various relevant ministries and departments.
Manjit holds a doctorate in Linguistics from Macquarie University, Sydney.

Conference Speaker

THURSDAY 10th Sept

Perspectives & Challenges for Women in Leadership Roles: Regenerating for the Future