Dr. Anne Munro Kua

Lead Facilitator & Coach <br> Anne Munro Kua Transformations

Anne Munro-Kua’s mission is to help others access practical and proven skills so that they can achieve success that is founded on wellbeing both at work and at play. Her clients include blue chip corporations, management institutes, successful career women, civil society organisations and support groups for those in need. Her clients also report on achieving greater creativity and balance, more meaningful relationships and increased resourcefulness both professionally and in their personal lives.

Whether you’re a busy professional looking for more balance or an organisation wanting to build a culture known for its exceptional customer experiences, Anne will work with you to design interventions aligned to your needs and purpose. For example, Anne has designed what has become her company’s signature PATH suite of programmes. PATH is based not on theory but on “practical models of what actually works”. Through close collaboration with each client, PATH is then customised to build the mindset and behavioural foundation that underpin significant results and success in specific client contexts.

Anne’s generative effectiveness comes from her integration and application of a range of cutting-edge methodologies in which she is certified. These include Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Master Practitioner), Core Transformation, Clean Language and Emergent Knowledge, and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Anne is the lead facilitator of the Kuala Lumpur-based consultancy, Anne Munro-Kua Transformations (AMKT) which she founded in 1995. She is a certified coach and facilitator with a background in education and a PhD in Sociology from Manchester University, UK. While Anne originates from the UK, Asia has been her home for more than 25 years where she is very much at home working with a diverse range of multicultural clients.

Workshop Presenter

THURSDAY 10th Sept

Modelling Regenerative Best Practice Thinking

Co-creating Regenerative PATHways towards a Thriving Future

As responsible leaders, entrepreneurs and  professionals we are confronted with unprecedented
challenges to running “life and business as usual”, challenges from impact of the COVID19 Pandemic
AND the complex ongoing devastating effects of Climate Change. While the tragic, volatile,disruptive impact of this scenario can be overwhelming, we have an enormous opportunity to audit our relationship with the planet and be brutally honest about the degenerative practices that got us into this mess. We are being called on to radically transform ourselves to lead a regenerative equitable future. The question is where do we start? AMK Transformations (founded in 1995) has done the research grounded in 30 years of practice and invites you to begin by examining and modelling the ways of thinking that can underpin the transformational journey we must undertake if we are to survive never mind thrive. None of us have made this particular journey before and thus must adopt a
collaborative co-creative approach for the collective benefit of all. Join us to explore together the mindset and strategies that early explorers and adopters provide that gives us a guide to how the current and future generations can work towards creating a vibrant world.  These selected PATH skills represent some of the most powerful people technologies today, which
centre on the modelling of human excellence. Unlike other approaches grounded in theory, this approach focuses on the best practice models that emerge when we ask the practical question of how a person a team, an organisation achieves amazing results! No competition here, but rather the questioning posed with deep curiosity of “How do you do that?” in all its complexity of thoughts, behaviour and sequence. And over the last forty years such curiosity and focused questioning has elicited and generated a range of models of excellence in the field of human  communication and potential development. Such modelling of excellence involves a methodology, a way of thinking and questioning that lies at the heart of modelling. Secondly, we now have amazing models of excellence, available for us to acquire and achieve the same excellent results. This means that excellence is no longer the preserve of those considered to be a rare genius. Because we now have the best practice blueprints of thoughts, language and behaviors in displaying excellence, we are able to reproduce that
excellence repeatedly and teach it to others. We have designed this PATH programme with both aspects in mind, a modelling mind-set (at the heart of continuous learning) methodology and technique. Throughout the programme we build a habitual model of thinking involving multiple perspectives of the world, proven to generate success wherever you apply them, in your personal and/or professional life. And throughout the workshop we teach selected practical behavioural models that together provide a toolbox for continuing
professional (&amp; personal) excellence.  We provide the structure and the generic skills, you and your people provide their specialist expertise ( eg as engineer) and the relevant contexts. This collaborative approach means that as we explore methodology and technique we constantly do so in relevant real world situations specific to each of our clients.