Brian Cracknell

Director <br> Language Works, Malaysia

UK-born Brian has lived in Malaysia for 37 years, working for International Islamic University and British Council before starting his own company in 1995. Since 2013 he has been heavily involved with learning initiatives integrating sustainability and innovation, receiving awards for his company’s efforts in the process. Brian was Team Lead Assessor for the IPMA Project Excellence Award between 2005 and 2018, assessing medium-sized, large and mega projects. In October 2013, IPMA awarded Brian the Otto Zieglmeier Achievement Award for Excellent Project Management Performance. In 2019 he was a Global PE Award Judge for the small/medium-sized project category and presented at the IPMA Congress in Merida, Mexico, on ‘Integrating Sustainability in Project Management’ He advocates regenerative learning and business practices as IPMA Malaysia’s Education, Learning and Research Exco member and as a corporate member of South East Asia Sustainability Network (SEASN).

Conference Speaker

THURSDAY 10th Sept

Re-Gen Continuing Conversations

Overall, the first E&amp;S Conversations webcast highlighted the post-Covid importance of connecting,
doing things well (not less badly) and facing reality. We are part of nature - its stewards, not its
superiors - and must be mindful and responsible in this regard.
We need to ‘Bounce Beyond’, not ‘Bounce Back’, i.e. look to regenerative practices, with
sustainability, women decision-makers and project-embedded innovation as key supports. The
process involves unlearning what we ‘know’. This will be a challenge in terms of extent of
collaboration, depth and consciousness required. Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Model is a useful tool
and frame of enquiry for this purpose. Whether we carry out actions at individual, community or
national level, we should gather intelligence, assess risks and, above all, secure buy-in for
regenerative action plans that work for end-users and that are adaptable to their needs.